How to turn a guy on

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How to ask a man out?

So, you have a crush on your classmate or a co-worker, etc and you wanna take the first step. You maybe shy and scared to do it but in fact you can do this in a way that makes it look all natural and accidental or even as if he's the one asking you out.

You can decide wether you want the first few times to be official dates or you can make them like a meeting or just two friends hanging out togther, in both cases you can try these hints.

  1. It's not about courage or shyness, it's just about your ability to keep calm and make everything happen smoothely and naturally.

  2. Find a common interest: Do both of you like reading a certain type of books? Do you both play music? etc... If you can find a common interest then you can initate short casual talks about this topic, you may even have long talks about your opinions regarding this topic and from there you can talk about other personal stuff so that you can know him better.

  3. Find a common location: Do you go to the same music concerts? the same club/mall, etc? Meet him there ACCIDENTALLY ;). You don't wanna stalk him everywhere he goes, just meet him a place he's supposed to be in, know wht he's doing there and share it with him.

  4. Make it look like normal. Don't say "hey do you wanna sit and talk but oh it will look like a date then!!" NO, this sounds ridiculous. Just say it as if it is normal, you are two persons having the same interest or have something to talk about so you can just chat about it or you can simply say "So, we will continue our conversation later, are you coming to this concert next Friday? say you there, then". See? sounds better.

  5. Confidence is important, don't worry about what's gonna happen or how things will go, just be simple.
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